Glenn Alford
Claudia and Benjamin Allen
Lois and Anthony Amrein
Joyce Anderson
Kent and Judith Anderson
Rod Anderson
Donna and Mark Araki
Nick and Alice Arambarri
Lucians and Tracy Armstrong
William and Wendy Armstrong
John and Janelle Arvas
Thais and Michael Ayre
J. Loren and Celia Azzola
JoAnn Bailey
Terry and Beatrice Bailey
Glenda Banta
Tammie and Timothy Barbre
Robert and Cheryl Barnes
Ferrol and Dani Barron
Douglas Beahm
Rose Beck
Kathleen and Larry Bell
Troy and Jamie Bell
Fredrick and Janice C Bicandi
Victor Bielby
Cheryl Billings
Kebai and Ryan Bills
Linda and Eric Bills
Diane Bilyeu
Bruce and Susan Bistline
Pete and Ronda Black
Brian and Laura Blad
Paula Blair
Gary and Vickie Blaylock
Philip Blick
Donna and Roger Boe
Patricia and Ronald Bolinger
Jerrold and Shirley Booher
Faye Booth
Jennifer Bowen
Dan Bowman
Patricia Boyd
Julie Boyle
Nile and Moana Boyle
Bobbie Branch
Gina and Donald Breding
Fergus and Gina Briggs
Christine Bright
Clyde and Kathleen Brinegar
Paige and Darrell Brown
Steve Brown
Paul and Jean Buchanan
Brad Bugger and Janice Jean
Catherine and Bill Bullock
Donna Butler
Kathryn and Delbert Butler
C. Lee and La Wan Caldwell
Michael and Kristin Calley
Robert and Margaret Cameron
Joe Campbell
Connie Canning
David and Norleen Capell
Edythe Casper
Richard and Debra Cheatum
Cami Chopski
Nicole Chopski
Craig and Sheryl Christensen
Dave and Melanie Christensen
Judith and Nick Christensen
Lori and Devin Christensen
Camille and Thomas Clark
Candace Clemence and Douglas Higgins
Brenda and Dallas Clinger
Sharon and Charles Collins
J. Curtis Coman
John Connaughton
Craig and Cheryl Cooper
Stephen Cooper
Janice and Dan Copeland
George and Delene Covert
Chris Covey
Jackie and Glen Cranor
Janet Crump
Christine and Gordon Crystal
Lana Dahlke
Mark and Sheila Dahlquist
Yolanda Daily
Kathy and Ronald Watters
Ronald and Trisha Davies
Jack Davis
Mark and Linda Davis
Virginia and Alfred De Gregory
Peter and Jean De Luca
Joan and Paul DeLong
Richard and Katherine Derie
Thomas and T. Gail Dial
Nate Diekemper
JoAn Dilweg
Barbara and David Doerr
David Donaldson
Theresia Duncan
Ruth and Philip Eastman Sr.
Michael and Gayla Echanis
Michelle and Gabe Eckert
Michelle Ellis
Roy and Beverly Ellis
Rulon and Gail Ellis
Steven and Ellen England
Lorne Engleson
Jay Ericksen
Stephan Erickson
Sarah and Dennis Everly
Gerald and Marion Fehringer
Richard and Jennifer Fellows
Terry and Gail Felsman
Richard and Ann Finlayson
Jonathan and Melissa Fisher
Barbara and Robert Fitch
Deborah and Ted Flandro
Robert and Judith Flandro
Lawrence and La Jean Ford
Su Fox
Michael and Pat Francisco
Sue and Martin Frasure
Douglas and Betty Jo French
Robert and Kay Frossard
A. Dean and Sharon Funk
Rita and Ronald Funk
Mark and Susan Ortega
David and Holly Gardner
Sallee Gasser
David and Sheri Gates
N. Lorraine and Jeffrey Gerlach
Sharon and Philip Gibson
J. Michael and Jennifer Gomarlo
Patricia and Rick Goode
Robert and Petrea Goold Jr.
Deborah Graves-Stone and Gary Stone
Alan Green
Bill and Sandy Green
Lindsay Grimm
Jane and Maurice Guidinger
Sandy and Doug Guidinger
Sheila Gustaveson
Kasey Guthrie
Rita Haggardt
Marilyn Halford
Thomas Hally and Judy Ker
Terry and Mary Hansen
Dan Hanson
John and Queenie Hapke
J. Frank and Judy Harmon
Judy and Donald Harris
Ralph and Mary Lynn Hartwell
Judy Harveston
Charlie Haszier
Dean and Teresa Hazen
Tiffany and Chad Hendricks
Debbie and Harris Henricksen
Dustin Henry
Margaret and Vern Herzog Jr.
William and Sally Hess
Beth and Norman Hill
David Hill
William Hill III
Audrey Holmes
Pamela Holmes
Linda Honas
Susan Honas
Jerry and Angie Hong
Sarah Hope
Becky and Ted Hopkins
Natalie Houver
Gloria and Richard Howell
Nicholas Hubsmith
Chuck and Jane Humphrey
Beth Hunt
David and Connie Hunter
Billy Isley
Summer Jackman
Sarah Jackson
Margaret Jacob
Jan Jeter
Donna and Darold Johnson
Floyd and Ruth Johnson
Geraldine Johnson
William and Karen Johnston
Gordon and Sally Jones
Laurie and Jeffrey Jones
Rodney Jones
Edythe and Phillip Joslin
George and Gina Katsilometes
Ray and Effie Kaufman
Steven and Barbara Keen
Cliff Kelley
Sally and A.J. Kellogg
Christine Kelly
Virginia Kelly
Konnie Kendall
Carolyn and Gerald Kennedy
Larry and Joanne Kent
Randy and Debra Kern
Jill and Johnny King
Curt and Carolyn Kinghorn
David and Cristal Kirkpatrick Jr.
Robert and Virginia Montgomery
Sharlyn and E. Brent Knight
Leo Knudson
William and Rosemary Kobus
Christine and Jerome Koehler
George Kom
Richard Kress
Catherine and Daniel Kunicki
Ben LaBarge
Cheryl and Hayden Lambson
Miffy Lane
Robert and Kathleen Languein
N. Glen and Annette Lattin
James and Launa Lee
Rollie Leeper
Lynn Leonard
Ann and Fred Lewis
James and Judith Liday
Wanda and Kenneth Light
Rusty Lish
James and Melody Lockhart
Jill and Nathan Long
Susan Lorenz
Marsha and Ronald Losser
James and Danese Lothspeich
Ann and Kevin Loveland
Carmen and Kim Loveland
George and Hazel Loyd
Karen Ludwig
Mark and Denise Lupo
L. Mike and Kathleen Luras
Verda and David Lusk
Gregory and Christy Lyckman
Frederick and Diana Lyon
John and Karen MacKay
Paul Malek
Stephen and Joan Maloff
Jason and Mistie Manning
Paul Manning
Kent and Catherine Marboe
Scott Marchand
Kenneth and Sharon Marchetti
Ben Marconi
Dennis and Gloria McAteer
Marvin McCall
James McCoy
Nancy McCoy
Donna McCulloch
Robert McCullom
William and Linda McDonald
Jim and Georgia McGinnis
Judy McLaughlin
Mark and D’Layne McOmber
Andrew and Jacqueline McRoberts
Carolyn and Robert Meline
A. Eric and Susan Mennear
T.J. and Olivia Merzlock
Linda Milam
Arlene and Dane Miller
LaVonne and Robert Mills
Erin Millward
Helen Misner
Roxane Mitro
Chuck and Louann Krueger
Donna Monroe
Alan and Melanie Monson
Michael and Karen Mooney
Gary and Becky Moore
Julie and Alan Moore
Kevin Morgan
Steven and Susan Hengel-Morris
Mary Jean Morris-Grant and John Grant
Kathy Mraz
John and Caryl Murphy
Robert and LaVoy Myers
Shauna and Jerold Myler
Robert and Rhonda Naftz
Alfred and Deborah Narraway
Randall Neiwirth
Chris and Mike Nelson
Ian Nelson
Lonnie and Shawna Nelson
Sam and Cleo Nettinga
Don and Kathy Neves
Anne and Brent Nichols
Carla Nickerson
Marjorie and Craig Nickisch
Sandra Noakes
Craig and Susan Norby
Teressa and John Oborn
Cheryl O’Hearn
Michelle and John O’Hearn
Lyle Olson
Michael Orr
James and Frieda Pahl
Shane and Stephanie Palagi
Sylvia Papenberg
Pat and Lois Parker
Jo Parris
Gary and Pamela Peck
Andy Pennington
Alexa Perkins
Gerard Perkins
Lance and Katherine Perkins
Richard and Anne Petersen
Ronald and Sally Petersen
Grant and Mary Peterson
Robert and Ruth Peyron
Buzz Pfeiffer
Nancy Pieper-Cope and Stanley Cope
Neill Piland
Mary Pond
Michele and Ned Bell
Earlene and Roger Porter
Starla Prescott
Park and Sharon Price III
Allan and Kathleen Priddy
Kathleen and Marty Rakatansky
Frederick and Rose Ramsey
Geoff Ranere and Catherine Conley
Arlyn Rasmussen
Patricia and William Rawlings
Bart and Tina Reed
Lenora and Ken Retallic
Clarice Rice
Tanya and Pete Richardson
Patricia Ringe
Sue Ringquist
Cindy and David Robbins
William and Mary Roberts
Susan and Jerry Robinson
Jesse Robison
Phillip and Lorraine Roche
Heather and Robert Ross
Peggy Roubidoux
Shilo and Casey Roubidoux
Carol and Robert Rounds
N. and Shannon Rowan
Roger and Wendy Rowe
Robert Rubel
Ruth and Scott Rubel
Skyler Rubel
Karen and Gary Ruchti
Kathleen and Rod Russell
Kenneth and Victoria Ryan
Donna and Richard Sagness
Tom and Jeanne Sahlberg
Tina Saighman
David Sandquist and Stella Byrd-Sandquist
Sue Sanford
Thomas Sanford
David and Dayna Sanna
Janet and Larry Satterwhite
Claudine and Allen Saunders
Nathan and Michelle Schroeder
William and Anne Schroeder
Carisa Schultz
Lynne Schultz
Richard and Helen Schweitzer
Sandra and Richard Sept
Archie Service
Bruce and Beverly Shappart
James and Bonnie Shaw
Stacie and Chad Shouse
Tim and Karen Shurtliff
Gail and Nannette Siemen
Kyle and Essie Siemen
Barbara and Edward Simmons
Steve Simon
Marcia Sims
Leona and Jerry Skaggs
Elaine and Richard Smith
Michael and Stephany Smith
Randy and LaDean Smith
J. Kendall and Alica Snow
April and L. Kevin Solomon
Randall and Peggy Spencer
Robbie and John Spicer
Shirley and James Spinelli
Kathryn and J. Casey Standley
Crockett and Donna Stearns
BJ Stensland
George and Susan Stephens
Kathy Stevens
Rose Stevens
Dennis and Leslee Stoddard
Glenn and Susan Stokes
Michael and Jackie Stokes
Joyce and James Stroschein
Britney Stuart
Michael and Michelle Summers
Barbara Swanson
David and Wendy Taft
Kim Taylor
Nyle and Julie Taylor
Shanon and Kurt Taylor
Steven and Judy Theobald
Deborah Thompson
Bonnie Thomsen
Sandra Thorne-Brown and Robert Brown
James and Anstice Tibor
Susan Timpson
Glenn Townsend
Claudia Tremelling
JoAnne and James Tullis
Revis Turner
Marianne Tusch
Mary Vagner
Rayna Valentine
Rufus and Tracy Van Dyke III
Deborah and Wesley Van Vooren
Valerie and Gerald Vandyke
Peggy Vogt
Dean and Elizabeth Wallentine
Ryan and Mindy Ward
Valorie Watkins
Rosalie Watson
Scott and Kelly Watson
Dena Weaver
Kathryn and Frank Weaver
Kim and Debra Weber
Stephen Weeg and Nancy Greco
Jason Weinheimer
J. Kathy and Alan Weinmeister
Brian Wellard
Lanette and Louis Wells
Shane and Kimberly West
Roger and Nancy Wheeler
D. D. White
Larry and Marilee White
Ruth Whitworth
Margaret Williams
Garrett and Sallie Williamson
Sara and Chance Wilmot
Arlene Wilson-Evans
Jerry Wixom
Jack Woods
H. Norman and Kathy Wright
Lindsey Wright
Stephanie Wright
Rob Yamashita
Wanda and Ted Yarbrough
Jack and Sarah Yasaitis
Vicki and Chris Yost
Jessica and Doug Young
Robert and Kathleen Zausch


20th Century Ford, Inc.
A & B Productions, Inc.
A & E Engineering
AAA Idaho/Rainbow Travel
Ace Appliance Repair
Aero Mark, Inc.
Agricultural Consulting
All Coverage Insurance Agency
Allen Drug
Allen Farms
Allstate Insurance/Jenifer Brocker Agency, Inc.
American Electric
Amerititle, Inc.
Anchor Woodshops
Anderson’s Body & Glass
Annie’s Tack & Co.
Armstrong Sprinklers & Landscaping
B & B Sprinklers
B & G Plumbing and Heating
The Bank of Commerce
Bank of Idaho – Idaho Falls
Bannock Civitans
Bannock Development Corporation
Barrie’s Ski & Sport
Bartlett Pair Inc.
Bechtel Foundation
Bell’s Carpet
Big O Tires of Idaho, Inc.
Bishard Realty
Blue Cross of Idaho
Blue Heeler Bar and Grill
Booth Construction LLC
Brown Investments, Inc.
Brunson LLC
Budget Audio and Video
Butterburr’s Restaurant
Candlewood Suites
Carpets Plus Color Tile
Cascade Earth Sciences
Center Street Hair Razors
The Chalk Horse Bar
Challenger Pallet & Supply
Channing Physical Therapy
Chopstick Cafe
Citizens Community Bank
Clark Radio Electronics, Inc.
Clement Farms
Jerome Clinger Farms
College of Massage Therapy
Colonial Construction
Colonial Funeral Home
Computer Simulation & Analysis
Construction Services, Inc.
Cooper and Larsen, Chartered
Cornelison Funeral Home
County Line Farms
CPA Properties
D & R Farms
D.L. Evans Bank
Dale’s Inc.
Denny’s Wrecker Service
Doctors Clinic PA
Doug’s Fireplace
Duffy’s Tavern
Dyke’s Electric, Inc.
Dykman Construction
E & R Transportation
Earth in Motion Excavation
Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center
El Caporal Mexican Restaurant
Electrical Equipment Co. Inc.
Elizabeth Real Estate, Inc.
Elmer’s Restaurant
Engleson, Capell, and Engleson CPAs
ERA, The Brokerage
Ermal’s Auto Body, Inc.
Family Fun Party
Farm Bureau Insurance
Fire Services of Idaho
First American Title Holding Company
FMC Corporation
Forced Air Systems
Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist
G-10 Engineering
The Gallows
Gary R. Fawcett Appraisals, Inc.
Gate City Rotary Club
Gem State Distributors, Inc.
Goicoechea Law Offices
Gold’s Gym of Pocatello
The Goldsmith
The Grapevine
Great Rift Transportation
Green & Company PC
Guzman Insurance
Hanson Janitorial Supply, Inc.
Hartwell Corporation
Hirning Buick GMC
Holst Truck & Auto Wrecking
Homestead Insurance
Hummel Architects, P.A.
IAS Envirochem
Idaho Center for Oral & Facial Surgery
Idaho Falls Chukars Professional Baseball Club
Idaho Farm Bureau Federation
Idaho Grain Inspection Service, Inc.
Idaho Hand Institute
Idaho Laboratories Corp
Idaho Power Company
Idaho Skin Institute
Idaho Wireless Corporation
Insurance Designers
Intermountain Claims, Inc.
Intermountain Equipment Consultants
Intermountain Land Exchange
Ireland Bank
ISU Federal Credit Union
ISU Office of Alumni Relations
Jimmy’s All Season Angler
Jones Sew & Vac
Jones, Chartered
K & B Kwik Stop
Ken’s Food Market
Kirkham Appraisals
Kiwanis Club of Pocatello
L & K Carpet One
Les Schwab Tire Center
Kevin Lish Agency
Maple Street Sit N Sleep, L.L.C.
Marigold’s Wine and Delicacies
Matkin Truck Auto Electric & Supply
Max Muffler
McDermott’s Bar
McNabb Grain, Inc.
Media Coordination Services-MCS
Mel’s Repair Service
Meridian Insurance Agency
Merrill & Merrill Chartered
Meyers Shoe Repair
Mike’s Musical Instruments, Inc.
Miles Willard Technologies, L.L.P.
Mocha Madness
Modern Printing Inc.
Modern Roofing
Monarch Healthcare PLLC
Jim Morphey Real Estate Corporation
Mountain View Hospital
Mutual Insurance Company
Myers Anderson Architects
Need a Nurse Medical Staffing
North Main Radiator
North West Farm Credit Services
The Nye Fund
O’Brien Tomchak & Company, Chartered
Old Town Pocatello, Inc.
Oliver’s Restaurant
Omni Security Systems, Inc.
P & R Auto Sales
Pacific Empire Radio
Packer Enterprises Construction
Paragon Engineering
Partner Steel Company, Inc.
Paul’s Trophies & Gifts
Perfect Day Alterations and Tux
Perkins Family Restaurant
Petersen Inc.
PJJ Inc.
Plays with Guns
Pocatello Electric Co. Inc.
Pocatello Eye Care
Pocatello Nissan and KIA
Pocatello Pet Lodge
Pocatello Podiatry/Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Clinic
Pocatello Ready Mix, Inc.
Portneuf Health Care Foundation
Poston Denney & Killpack, PLLC
Power County Press
Premier, Inc.
The Pressbox
Prestige Auto Body
PrimeTime Auctions, Inc.
Professional Realty
Professional Tree Service
The Property Manager
PSI Waste Systems, Inc.
Quigley’s Tire Towne
R & G Potato Company, Inc.
Rae’s Beauty and Spa
The Raven’s Nest
Raymond James
Rich Broadcasting
Rock Creek Fire Protection
Rockland Pharmacy
Rocky Mountain Cabinets
Rocky Mountain Designs
Roto-Rooter Sewer Service
Rowley Real Estate & Appraisal
S & G Electric Motor Repair
Safe-T-Gard Storage
Sagewood Salon
Satterfield Realty & Development
Sawtooth Supply
Scott’s Lock & Key
SEI-US Federal Credit Union
Senor Iguana’s
Shaw Auto Parts, Inc.
Short Stop
Sign Up, Inc
J.R. Simplot Company
SnugFleece International
Sound Source
Spudnik Equipment Co., LLC
State Farm Insurance-T. Jay Lish Agency
State Farm Insurance-Tony McLaughlin Agency
Steele & Associates, Inc.
Tanabell Health Services, Inc.
E. M. Tanner & Sons
Tee Pee Advertising
Tejac Advertising
Teton Toyota-Scion
James Tiede Farms
TitleOne Corp.
Todd’s Automotive and Performance, L.L.C.
Treasure Dental Lab, Inc.
Varsity Contractors Inc.
Vicker’s Western Store, Inc.
Vogt’s Heating & Air
Voigt Davis Realtors
Walker Engineering
Wallace Drug
Washington Federal Savings
Watkins Distributing
Wells Fargo
Western Mechanical & Industrial LLC
Willie’s Pit Stop
Wilson Roofing
Zions Bank