Project Description

Alumni and Friends Recognized

The 2014 Presidential Recognition Dinner was held on April 3, in the Marshall Rotunda of the Stephen Performing Art Center. The venue was lavishly decorated in shades of purple with a chandelier suspended down toward the center of the floor. For entertainment, Vanessa Ballam sang two contemporary theater selections and was accompanied by Melisa Bodily, an accomplished pianist. Approximately 150 guests were in attendance and enjoyed the evening of music, food and conversation.

The Gem Legacy program was developed in 1994 by the Idaho State University Foundation to ensure that donors receive appropriate recognition on campus and in their communities. Based on accumulative lifetime giving levels, individuals and organizations who invest in the university become members of the Gem Legacy. There are eight gem levels within the program and each year the Presidential Recognition Dinner is held to celebrate and recognize the donors moving into higher giving levels. The annual recognition dinner is the largest and most important Presidential event of the year.

Currently there are 1,069 Gem Legacy individuals in the various levels of Gem Societies and 541 corporations, organizations and foundations listed in the recognition program.

Alan Van Orden is given an appreciative handshake from President Arthur Vailas during the annual Gem Legacy dinner.