Project Description

“For some students, purchasing the required tool kit becomes a barrier to starting a program. We want to help all our students remove that barrier.”
Melisa Moon, director of development, College of Technology

Alumni create Tool Box Scholarship.

​Thirteen College of Technology students shared $4,000 in scholarship funding to help pay for tools required in their technical programs. Funding for the “tool box scholarships” was made possible through alumni contributions to the 2013 COT Bengal Call Center campaign. During the campaign, ISU student’s telephoned College of Technology alumni and asked them to contribute funds to help students purchase the tools needed for their programs. College alumni responded generously, and more than $6,700 was raised from over 200 donors.

Tool costs for College of Technology programs can add hundreds, even thousands of dollars to a student’s overall cost of attending school. For example, the welding, diesel technology, and aircraft maintenance programs have tool costs that are more than one thousand dollars.

The College of Technology Scholarship Selection Committee recommended the 13 students, who received awards ranging from $100 – $595. Awards were based on the number of students eligible for awards and the tool costs in their respective programs.

College alumni will again be offered the chance to help current students buy their tools when the Bengal Call Center does another tool box campaign in the spring.