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This aspect is especially useful for the parent of teens. The social networking aspect is a key in making it interactive and allowing people to share their adventures on the water with family and friends. Define the file store: default, next (NOTE: You will need to manually create this network share and give rights to everyone. Kids should need to ask you to enter a passcode or similar before they can buy something, which has the added benefit of letting you see what they want to buy. Some brands, such as Sky, have built in functionality to let you do this, but to be able to control all of your electronics you will probably need a little dongle thingy which plugs into your smartphone. Many of us have instruments on our boats. If you have Locational Services turned on in your device some data will show up. The instruments banner is a convenient way to view the data along with your real time position on the Chart Display and the compass banner on the top of the display.

It’s surprising how customizable these are; parents can allow a different amount of time for All Apps & Categories or set limits for each type of app. Once you do, the ratings for Movies, TV Shows, and Apps will apply to the choice you make. best parental control app for android could make a crystal clear phone call from under the ocean if you wanted to! How to limit phone usage using Spyzie Parental Control? One of the most important features of the app is the ability to receive NMEA data using TCP/IP and display it as instrument data. Tapping one of the instruments in the banner will bring up a pop up window showing the digital or analog display of the value. Here you can see the Heading(HDG) pop up showing the analog compass in addition to the digital heading display. You will see the complete list of available data and the ability to enable or disable the display of the instrument.

Most of us are familiar with the the original instrument protocol, NMEA 0183. The app is also able to display NMEA 2000 data which is the newest supported protocol by most marine manufacturers. The NMEA 2000 supported PNGS offer a few more monitoring data points in addition to most of the NMEA 0183 monitored values. Also, a few of them offer on-spot repair services. The main Instruments Display shows a list of active data being displayed from Locational Services or a TCP/IP connection. The image to the right shows the Locational Services data from my iPad. The pop up window only shows a few of the many available instrument types available for display. This feature is helpful to highlight the Depth instrument while you navigate a shallow area or bring up Speed Over Ground (SOG) while you are racing in a regatta to maximize your performance. It provides less detail for tagging measurements, but you can enter whether you measured your heart rate while resting, before or after exercise, or at your max heart rate. The power of this app is that you can put access to that instrument data in the palm of your hands anywhere on your yacht.

The instrument display can also be reached through the iNavX screen or viewed on the Chart display in the instruments banner. This app is not only a great charting app but it has an extensive instrument display package built in. This pop up can be set to display either digital or analog instruments. Now that we know what we can display, let look at the app and see how we do it. Page down to see the rest. On the Instruments display, you will see a gear icon in the upper right corner of the display. I really like what I see in the BlooSee website and app. I look forward to the many additional features and updates planned for the BlooSee app. Long list of compatible IM apps, and advanced GPS features. The Bookmarks icon in the upper left corner brings up a list of previously used Hosts and Ports.